Our vision is that Tom Thomson School will be a community of empathetic, life-long learners, who develop the skills and strategies to meet life's challenges.

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How can my child receive medication while at school?

A signed authorization form must be on file in the office, before any school personnel may administer any prescribed medication to a student. "Over-the-counter" medications may not be administered by school staff or sent with students.
Use this form for self-administration of prescribed medication by student.

We are moving, what do I need to do?

Please let the school know at least two weeks in advance about a change in residence.  Please contact the office to provide your new address and phone number.  If you are moving out of the Tom Thomson catchment area, please contact the office so student records can be sent to the receiving school.  If the move occurs between reporting periods and six weeks after the last report card, a report card is issued by the new school.

Who do I contact about updating school records?

Occasionally during the school year there may be changes to the information kept at school. Please notify the school office immediately of any change in work, home or cell phone numbers, busing arrangements, emergency contacts, family information, doctor, custody arrangements etc.  In case of any injury or illness, it is important that we have accurate information on file.

Can I access my child's Ontario School Record (O.S.R.)?

Many parents are not aware that they can review the student's cumulative record at any time. If you would like to review your child's record, please call the school office to arrange an appointment with the principal. If a court order exists which, for example, prohibits or limits one parent's access to the child, it is in your best interest to provide us with a copy for filing in the student record.

Personal information about students is protected under the Freedom of Information/Protection of Privacy Act. A form is sent home early in September for you to complete so that we are aware of your wishes concerning having your child's name (or photos of your child) posted in any public way.

How can I obtain insurance for my child?

Student Accident Insurance forms are sent home in the first week of school. The forms should be mailed DIRECTLY to the insurance company. Your insurance from last year is in effect until September 30th of the next school year.