Our vision is that Tom Thomson School will be a community of empathetic, life-long learners, who develop the skills and strategies to meet life's challenges.

HDSB School Info


Principal: Mr. R. Morassut
Vice Principal: Ms. N. Trainor

School Secretaries: Ms. K. Sarvis (Head Secretary), 
& Ms. Irwin

Head Custodian:  Ms. O. McLaughlin

Resource and Support Teachers:

Ms. C. Sora - Special Education
Ms. L. Hulak - Special Education
Mr. Nichols - Itinerant ESL Resource Teacher
Ms. D. Brooks - Music
Ms. S. Chipps - Coverage 
Mme H. Elmer - Core French
Mme J. Amore (for Mme C. Strinich)- French Coverage
Ms. J. Trebble - Music/Coverage
 Ms. J. Moran - Library/Coverage
Ms. J. Dowson - Library Technician
Ms. L. Addison - Learning Resource Teacher

Educational Assistants:

Ms. R. Cliffe
Ms. L. Alongi 
Ms. K. Harwood
Ms. M. Gruenwald
Ms. D. Fisher
Ms. T. Roswell

Classroom Teachers:

 Ms. J. Behie, Kindergarten
Ms. L. Jesseau, RECE Kindergarten
Ms. Cardin, Kindergarten
Ms. L. Moore, Kindergarten
Ms. B. Lake, RECE Kindergarten
Mme. S. LeRiche  Grade 1 French
Ms. D. Evers  Grade 1 English
Ms. A. Johnson Grade 1 English/French
Ms. A. Boers Grade 1/2 English 
Ms. Wenner, Grade 3 English 
Mme K. Castro, Grade 2 English & French 
Mme G. Tougas, Grade 2 & 2/3 French
Ms. S. Josiak, Grade 2 & 2/3 English
Mme J. Collins  Grade 3 French
Ms. L. Simmons, Grade 3 English
Ms. W. Duque, Grade 4 English
Ms. S. Rivers Grade 3/4 English & Math Coach
Ms. Hibbins, Grade 4 English
M. R. Bloemeke, Grade 3/4 & 4 French
Ms. T. Ljungberg  Grade 4 & 5 English
Mme L. Babin  Grade 4 & 5 French
 Ms. A. Day Grade 5/6 English
Mr. S. Janes Grade 5/6 & 6 English
Mme. A. Arcand, Grade 5/6 & 6 French 

Superintendent:  Ms. T. Blackwell

Trustee: Ms. L. Reynolds

Family of Schools Public Health Nurse: Mr. E. Berefo